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Magnetofon Otari MX-5050 (Second Hand)

Magnetofon Otari MX-5050 (Second Hand)

  • Cod produs: mx5050
  • Disponibilitate: În Stoc
  • 9.600,00 Lei

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The MX-5050 series recorders are professional quality two-speed audio tape recorder/reproducers designed for optimum performance and long life.

The MX-5050 units use 1/4-inch tape and are available in 4 different models. The different models, and their application, are determined by the head format.

Among the many professional features of the MX-5050 series are: selective reproduction, motion sensing, an edit control that permits spilling, an adjustable cueing control for audible monitoring in the fast-forward and rewind modes, a built-in two frequency low distortion test and cue-tone oscillator, a computerized elapsed time indicator with a digital LED display, front adjustable record bias, equalization, and level controls, active balanced input and output circuits, a reference flux level indicator on the front amplifier panel, a standard reference level output switch, separate line and microphone input level controls for each channel, switches for recording levels, equalization, microphone, and output level attenuators, play-back equalization pots for each speed, a memory stop for automatically stopping the tape in the rewind mode at a predetermined position, ceramic tape guides, big head housing, lower transport noise, and improved specifications for distortion, erase effect, and signal and noise ratio.