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Slayer - Undisputed Attitude (Vinyl)

Slayer - Undisputed Attitude (Vinyl)

  • 199,90 Lei

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A1 Disintegration / Free Money

A2 Verbal Abuse / Leeches

A3 Abolish Government / Superficial Love

A4 Can't Stand You

A5 Ddamm (Drunk Drivers Against Mad Mothers)

A6 Guilty Of Being White

A7 I Hate You

A8 Filler / I Don't Want To Hear It

A9 Spiritual Law

B1 Sick Boy

B2 Mr. Freeze

B3 Violent Pacification

B4 Richard Hung Himself

B5 I'm Gonna Be Your God (I Wanna Be Your Dog)

B6 Gemini

Caracteristici Produs
Nr. de discuri 1
Anul lansării 2013
Greutate (Gr.) 180