On the 8th of September 20 years ago, the first Music Box store opened, and from the first day its objective has been to sell and promote music of the highest level of quality. Backed up by passion, the store grew fast within the first year from 150 CDs to 5000 catalog titles.

Meanwhile people started to also grow interest in movies and Music Box was there to provide. Around 2002 Music Box managed to become one of the biggest DVD movie promoters in Romania.

Around 2004 Music Box started to sell the product that defines the store today - Vinyl, due to constant increase in international vinyl sales.

Conquering the field of rare music, Music Box started pursuing valuable Vinyls, but the rarest and most special discs were being found only as a second hand product. This was the moment the second hand vinyl titles entered our catalog for the first time, being brought in from private collections and in perfect condition.

At the same time, the vinyl music consumer community began to take shape and, with the discs, they began to acquire high-end analog equipment as well. This is how the first pick-ups appeared on the store shelves from the following year, in 2005.

With the passing of years, besides the steady growth of vinyl sales, our customers' appetite for High-End Vinyl also started to grow, demanding Vinyl produced in special conditions, in very limited editions, and much more rare in our country. Therefore, since 2010, Music Box achieved the next level of excellence, becoming the no. 1 distributor of High-End Vinyl.

After 20 years in which the store only aimed to only sell products that satisfied the most demanding consumers and collectors, today Music Box has one of the richest catalogs of Vinyl, Blu-Ray and DVD and it's the only music store in Romania that sells High-End Vinyl at this level.

Music Box is perhaps the only place in Romania that can fully support the music enthusiast and offer suggestions and products to meet the highest demands.