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Producator: Polydor Records
Tracklist1 Agnus Dei 5:462 Désenchantée 5:233 L'Autre 5:214 Je T'Aime Mélancolie 5:335 Psychiatric 6:096 Regrets  5:157 Pas De Doute 5:158 Il N'Y A Pas D'Ailleurs 5:449 Beyond My Control 5:2510 Nous Souviendrons-Nous 5:11..
89.90 Lei Fără TVA:89.90 Lei
Producator: Analogue Productions
Tracklist1 A Fool For You2 Losing Hand3 One For My Baby4 In The Evenin' Mama5 Hallelujah I Love Her So6 The Way That I Feel7 Cotton Fields8 God Bless' The Child9 Mary Ann10 Sinner's Prayer11 Fare Thee Well..
399.90 Lei Fără TVA:399.90 Lei
Producator: Alligator Records
Tracklist1 I Was Wrong 3:492 Save It For The Next Fool 4:193 You Got Me (Where You Want Me) 3:334 (I'd Rather Feel) Bad About Doin' It 4:055 Be Good to Yourself 3:166 Stop 5:437 Writing on the Wall 4:168 Late Last Night 4:529 What Did I Say? 5:3310 A Chip And A Chair 4:3911 Baby, You're A..
119.90 Lei Fără TVA:119.90 Lei
Producator: Edel
Tracklist1 Hide Away - Man Is Comin' ! (Original Version) 3:402 Touch In The Night (Radio Version) 3:413 Love Is Just A Word (Original Version) 3:194 Sib Dab Dua (Original Version) 3:045 Time For Love (Super Action Mix) 5:236 Give Me Time (Original Version) 3:577 Stop The Rain In The Night (O..
99.90 Lei Fără TVA:99.90 Lei
Producator: Interscope Records
Tracklist1 Intro 2 What Up Gangsta3 Patiently Waiting4 Many Men (Wish Death)5 In Da Club6 High All The Time7 Heat8 If I Can't9 Blood Hound10 Back Down11 P.I.M.P.12 Like My Style13 Poor Lil Rich14 21 Questions15 Don't Push Me16 Gotta Make It To HeavenBonus Cuts 17 Wanksta18 U Not Li..
59.90 Lei Fără TVA:59.90 Lei
Producator: A&M Records
Tracklist1 Gone Hollywood 5:182 The Logical Song 4:113 Goodbye Stranger 5:504 Breakfast In America 2:395 Oh Darling 3:586 Take The Long Way Home 5:087 Lord Is It Mine 4:098 Just Another Nervous Wreck 4:259 Casual Conversations 2:5810 Child Of Vision 7:28..
149.90 Lei Fără TVA:149.90 Lei
Tracklist1 You Go To My Head2 Blues In The Closet3 The Breeze And I4 Darn That Dream5 But Not For Me6 I'm Glad There Is You7 Gentle Blues8 I'm Getting Sentimental Over You9 Love Theme From Sunflower10 Blues For KBonus Tracks 11 Misty12 Midnight Sugar..
199.90 Lei Fără TVA:199.90 Lei
Producator: Cooking Vinyl Ltd.
Tracklist1 A Thousand Orchids 4:362 Breaking The Circle 4:133 Until The Wheels Fall Off 4:074 Everything Is Sweet 4:505 Lost In The Sunshine 4:046 Tokyo 3:237 Beyond The Universe 4:138 He's A Dreamer 5:069 Reflections 3:2210 Hearing In Colour 4:0111 Broken Toy 3:3212 We've Been Watching ..
99.90 Lei Fără TVA:99.90 Lei
Producator: Deepalma Records
TracklistDisco: 11 Canto Al Sol (Original Mix) - Seba Campos2 Bo & Wing (Original Mix) - Coles, Maya Jane3 Moonlight Drive - Ucha4 Why I'm Here - Freuds5 Tuti Song (Original Mix) - Cedric Salander6 Tabula Rasa (Extended Mix) - Momo Khani7 Canario (Original Mix) - Iman Hanzo8 Sleepless (Extended ..
149.90 Lei Fără TVA:149.90 Lei
Producator: Sony Music
Tracklist1 Wham Rap! (Enjoy What You Do?) 3:332 Young Guns (Go For It!) 3:443 Bad Boys 3:224 Club Tropicana 4:325 Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go 3:556 Freedom 5:067 Last Christmas (Single Version) 4:278 Everything She Wants 5:319 I'm Your Man 4:0810 The Edge Of Heaven 4:3911 Where Did Your H..
69.90 Lei Fără TVA:69.90 Lei
Producator: BMG
Tracklist1 Who Needs Love Like That  3:062 Oh L'Amour 3:073 Sometimes  3:394 Victim Of Love 3:385 The Circus 4:066 Ship Of Fools 4:037 Chains Of Love 3:138 A Little Respect 3:389 Stop! 2:5510 Drama! 4:0611 Blue Savannah 4:1912 Chorus 4:2913 Love To Hate You 3:5614 Take A Chan..
99.90 Lei Fără TVA:99.90 Lei
Producator: Sony Music
Tracklist1 Wherever You Will Go2 Adrienne3 Things Will Go My Way4 Could It Be Any Harder5 Our Lives6 Just That Good7 Anything8 When It All Falls Down9 Stigmatized10 Unstoppable11 Nothing's Changed12 Final Answer13 Surrender14 One By One15 Dreaming In Red16 Lost17 Your Hope18 Wherev..
69.90 Lei Fără TVA:69.90 Lei
Producator: Sony Music
Tracklist1 The Lord2 Love Is Like A Braid3 My Professional Opinion4 Your Forgiveness5 Trail Of Volcanoes6 The Sacred Harp7 Wait..
79.90 Lei Fără TVA:79.90 Lei
Producator: Sony Music
Tracklist1 Mother 7:202 Two Suns In The Sunset 6:013 Vera / Bring The Boys Back Home 5:144 The Gunner's Dream 5:325 The Bravery Of Being Out Of Range 6:516 Comfortably Numb 2022 8:30..
69.90 Lei Fără TVA:69.90 Lei
Producator: Sony Music
Tracklist1 Rescued 4:192 Under You 3:393 Hearing Voices 3:494 But Here We Are 4:435 The Glass 3:506 Nothing At All 3:287 Show Me How 4:548 Beyond Me 3:549 The Teacher 10:0410 Rest 5:34..
99.90 Lei Fără TVA:99.90 Lei
Producator: Sony Music
Tracklist1 When I Paint My Masterpiece 4:262 Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I’ll Go Mine) 3:333 Queen Jane Approximately 5:154 I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight 3:045 Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues 4:266 Tombstone Blues 5:007 To Be Alone With You 3:108 What Was It You Wanted 5:049 Forever Young 3:15..
69.90 Lei Fără TVA:69.90 Lei
Producator: Sony Music
Tracklist1 Christina Aguilera– Ya Llegué 3:032 Christina Aguilera, Becky G, Nicki Nicole, Nathy Peluso– Pa Mis Muchachas 3:363 Christina Aguilera– Somos Nada 3:014 Christina Aguilera, Ozuna– Santo 3:035 Christina Aguilera– Como Yo 2:466 Christina Aguilera– La Reina 3:487 Christina Aguilera, TINI– Su..
69.90 Lei Fără TVA:69.90 Lei
Tracklist1 Yes Sir, I Can Boogie 4:352 Sorry, I'm A Lady 3:393 Parlez-Vous Francais 4:304 Can't Help Falling In Love 3:265 Koochie-Koo 4:046 Cara Mia 2:537 Yummy Yummy Yummy 3:358 Gimme More 3:509 Granada 4:1710 Number One 2:3711 Darling 5:4012 Ay Ay Sailor 3:5013 The Devil Sent You To ..
49.90 Lei Fără TVA:49.90 Lei
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