Over the past decades, the music industry has been continuously changing, the way that music reaches the consumer going through several stages - from the Vinyl which has been here for a long time, to the CD in the mid 80's, then taking various other technologically advanced forms. We're talking 100 years of music commerce evolution, sales volumes increasing all this time, and due to production restrictions its quality sadly slightly decreasing.

However, guided by passion and desire to preserve the highest level of music quality, there has always been a group of people, on the one hand traders, on the other hand connoisseurs consumers, who managed to keep alive the tradition of valuable audio products and bring back the Vinyl, making 2018 the 30th consecutive year of increasing Vinyl sales, according to Fortune Magazine.

Founded in 1997, Music Box is one of the first music stores in Romania, and its goal has always been to only sell products of a certain sentimental and commercial value, dedicated to the most passionate consumers and collectors.

After nearly 20 years, Music Box is still one of the top players in the Romanian Vinyl market, its catalog containing a wide range of High-End Vinyl, new and second hand, and being supplemented by HDCDs, SACDs, XRCDs and movies on DVD and Blu-Ray. Besides music and movies from stock or by order, Music Box is also selling high-end vintage analog and digital audio and video equipment. This is the only place in Romania where you have the chance to purchase some of these "toys".

Music Box is perhaps the only place in the country that can meet this level of expertise and offer solutions and suggestions satisfying even the most demanding music lovers' requests, and recently the store has extended its presence online, launching the Music-Box.ro online store, where you have easy access to all our products.