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Toto - The Collection (CD)

Toto - The Collection (CD)
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Toto - The Collection (CD)


CD One - Toto
CD1-1Child's Anthem2:46
CD1-2I'll Supply The Love3:46
CD1-3Georgy Porgy4:09
CD1-4Manuela Run3:54
CD1-5You Are The Flower4:11
CD1-6Girl Goodbye6:13
CD1-7Takin' It Back3:46
CD1-9Hold The Line3:56
CD Two - Hydra
CD2-2St. George And The Dragon4:44
CD2-5All Us Boys5:02
CD2-7White Sister5:38
CD2-8A Secret Love3:08
CD Three - Turn Back
CD3-1Gift With A Golden Gun4:01
CD3-2English Eyes6:07
CD3-3Live For Today4:01
CD3-4A Million Miles Away4:37
CD3-5Goodbye Elenore4:54
CD3-6I Think I Could Stand You Forever5:20
CD3-7Turn Back3:58
CD3-8If It's The Last Night4:40
CD Four - Toto IV
CD4-2Make Believe3:47
CD4-3I Won't Hold You Back4:56
CD4-4Good For You3:18
CD4-5It's A Feeling3:10
CD4-6Afraid Of Love3:51
CD4-7Lovers In The Night4:26
CD4-8We Made It3:58
CD4-9Waiting For Your Love
Product Attributes
Format Box
No. of discs 7 Cd + Dvd
Release year 2008
149.90 Lei
Ex Tax: 149.90 Lei
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